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Materials Science offers experienced, multi-discipline consultants focused on providing qualified, relevant expertise and in-depth analysis for those seeking Biomedical, Engineering and Scientific consultation and services. Our vision is to enable passionate engineers and scientists to apply knowledge and pursue innovation.

Our expertise is using science and research to provide innovative solutions and consultation for clients seeking engineering or bio-medical expert opinions and analysis. Our top objective is to provide the most qualified consultation to our clients based on our extensive experience and quality scientific methods.

We strive to make science especially in the field of engineering relevant to our clients.

We believe in upholding the code of ethics set forth by the National Society of Professional Engineers to ensure our clients receive quality service that is ethical and just. We stand for relevant truth and honesty in science as we see it. We use scientifically proven methods to determine if a product is safe for the general public and to identify defects and causation, should they exist.