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Manufacturing Support

Take your products to the next level!

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

Our engineers help manufacturers with their product design, processes and materials to address development, product improvement, failure analysis and prevention. Our consultants have developed, validated and published methods for quantifying wear in metal-on-metal hip components, and have received invitations to speak at technical conferences for their accomplishments. Utilizing this technique, over 500 metal-on-metal hip components have been measured, aiding scientists, implant designers, and attorneys to understand the failure of these types of devices.

We provide expert advice, testing and analysis to improve your products and manufacturing processes.

Our Engineers can improve all aspects of your design and manufacturing. We can serve as your product design consultants, product engineers, and/or product manufacturers.

Some of our designing and engineering services include:

  • failure analysis
  • 3D scanning & prototyping support
  • modern product design services
  • manufacturing and engineering
  • mechanical engineering consulting
  • medical product design & development
  • design for manufacturability
  • multi-variable design optimization
  • medical manufacturing services
  • mechanical engineering services
  • automotive engineering services
  • electronic engineering services
  • electrical engineering services
  • CAD engineering services
  • industrial design services
  • aerospace design engineering