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3D Anaylsis

We provide 3D imaging & video modeling

  • Dimensional quality inspection
  • Reverse engineering
  • Digital modeling
  • Point cloud, mesh, CAD model or dimensional report
  • Color capture available


Our goal is to use our research to provide improved 3D analysis and imaging solutions for various applications including forensic and crime investigations, 3D modeling from video and still images, mapping and gaming industries, quantitative measurements, autonomous navigation, as well as various surveillance tasks.

Rapid 3D Scanning System for Difficult Objects

The current state of the art for 3D scanning is insufficient for scanning translucent, transparent, specular, and dark objects, which comprise most engineered materials. New technology is currently in testing to provide solutions for scanning these difficult objects, without resorting to the application of a powder coating. This is vital for scanning objects in an assembly line or for scanning injection molds, where foreign substances are not allowed.

Other 3D Analysis Services

Our work includes: 3D scanning, 3D metrology, 3D prototyping, 3D modeling, 3D visualization, 3D rendering services and product analysis.

Materials Science Associates 3D Analysis